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About QSun
QSun is a personalized sun safety solution. It helps users to find a healthy balance between natural vitamin D production and sun protection. QSun takes the guesswork out of sun protection, and is ideal for parents, outdoor workers, and those with sensitive skin or sun allergy.
100 College St., Suite 308
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5G 1L5
QSun App
As one of the top three “sun safety” and “sunscreen” apps on the App Store and Google Play, QSun is helping more than 15,000 people stay safe in the sun this summer!
The free app lets users know for how long they can stay outside, with or without sun protection, before developing a sunburn. The countdown is personalized based on the user’s skin type and surrounding environment.
Just in time for summer, the QSun team has added two new sun safety features. The Sunscreen Calculator lets users know how many teaspoons of sunscreen to apply, and the Sunscreen Checklist helps users find sunscreens that suit a variety of skin types and activities.
Fact Sheet
February 2016: Completed a successful Kickstarter Campaign
June 2016: Launched the beta QSun app
October 2016: Released final QSun app
November 2016: Launched QTemp wearable device and shipped to customers
March 2017: Started product development of QSun device (Generation 2)
May 2017: Launched “Sunscreen Features” on QSun app
About Comfable Inc.
Comfable is a Toronto-based dynamic and innovative tech company dedicated to promoting health, comfort, and sustainability.Their latest product, QSun, is the key to avoiding sunburn and skin cancer, which affects millions of adults worldwide. The must-have app works with an optional QSun wearable that tracks sun exposure.
The crowdfunded project is supported by the University of Toronto, Government of Canada, IRAP, Next Canada, CICan, OCE and MaRS.