QTemp™ makes it easy to enjoy spending time in the sun without worrying about overexposure. With QTemp, you can track your sun exposure and monitor how long you can safely stay in the sun. QTemp will also let you know which types of sun protection to use and when to use them, based on real time data measured by your QTemp device.

Now available in the latest version of QTemp, the QTemp Cloud allows you to backup and restore your data, in case you switch devices or re-install the app at any time. To use the QTemp Cloud, all you need to do is sign in, whether that be through creating a QTemp account, or signing in with Facebook or Google. The QTemp Cloud also allows you to export your data to a .txt file.

We’re also excited to announce that QTemp is now available in Japanese! If the language on your device is set to Japanese, the app will automatically download in Japanese. Language can be changed on the QTemp app in Settings.

You should also notice an improvement in performance as a result of several bug fixes and minor improvements in the app. Please download the latest version and let us know what you think!